Andera & Hestia-Maastricht

Hestia Maastricht is known by his clients as a specialist in antique ceramic pattern floor tiles. But since 2005 is Hestia Maastricht working togetter with the parent company Andera Maastricht.

Also have Andera and Hestia-Maastricht a showroom where the clients not only the antique motif floor tiles and antique radiators can see. But there are also antique marble fireplaces, antique fire backs, antique stained glass and antique curios.

Andera-Maastricht is active for 20 years in the restoration and sale of the antique cast iron design radiators. Also has Andera Maastricht a depth range of more than 80 different models of the antique radiators.So you will find at Andera Maastricht antique radiators from 40 cm high until 130 cm high.

And you can choice from the not decorative antique radiators, antique Art-deco radiators, antique Jugendstil radiators and the antique Rococo radiators. Also has Andera Maastricht a unique offering in special radiators, such as: antique wall mounted radiators, antique round radiators, antique ceramic radiators and antique radiators with plate warmers.

Also Andera Maastricht can supply the valves for the antique radiators. And Andera Maastricht has made his own antique radiator valve the Andera crane.

Andera Maastricht also calculate the wattage that you need in the room and can calculate the number of sections of the antique radiators. So you never under or over capacity.

Andera Maastricht gives guarantee on their restored antique cast iron radiators . This is stated on a guarantee certivicaat and the antique radiator is also a tin warranty tag to hang. And can Andera Maastricht deliver the Antique radiator in any RAL color or of course one of their own collors the Andera black or bronze.

Andera & Hestia-Maastricht Home Andera Maastricht specializes in the restoration of the antique design radiators.