Hestia: love for antique building materials.

Lets get back in the past: In ancient Greece Hestia was the goddess of fire. It was benign and had nothing to do with the wars and feuds of the other gods uitvochten. Hestia lived according to the Greeks in the fire, usually in the middle of the house, and was never dovend a fire. Because they saw that people had to heavy rainfall - caused by the brother Zeus - had hidden in caves, she decided to teach people to build houses. Hestia is true since even the Goddess of Architecture. 

Today: On his trips along old mansions and castles in Belgium and France (as a buyer and restorer of antique marble fireplaces, antique radiators and antique pattern floor tiles) Roy Jacobs is regularly the most incredibly beautiful historic building to include: antique 18 century marble fireplaces, antique motif wall tiles, antique pattern floortiles (motif floor tiles), antique terracotta tiles and antique fire backs. For people to be able to see this crazy old building materials has Hestia-Maastricht it in its showroom prepared.

That people outside the antique motif floor tiles and antique marble fireplaces of the period to Art Deco, Jugendstil and Art-Nouveaustil can visit. Hestia-Maastricht also work with the company Andera Maastricht so that the customer even can see 80 different modells of the antique cast iron radiators. With such antique round radiators and how about an antique radiator to warm plates.

It also has a long choice of ± 2000 sqm antique motif floor tiles. Including 70 patterns of the ceramic motif floor tiles and cement motif floor tiles.

The customer can choose to get the antique motif floor tiles glue ready (cut clean at the bottom) or just the contreat on the bottom. Hestia-Maastricht can also provide the transport for the antique pattern floor tiles, antique marble fireplaces and antique cast iron design radiators.

Hestia: love for antique building materials. Home Andera Maastricht specializes in the restoration of the antique design radiators.