The beginning of Hestia-Maastricht

Hestia vader en zoonIt is not by chance that Roy Jacobs from Maastricht in the Netherlands gave his company the name Hestia. With the Greek Goddess he shares the passion for construction and love for antique building materials. On his excursions in Belgium and France, where he visited old castles and mansions to buy antique radiators, Roy Jacobs discovered the most gorgeous historic mantelpieces, often hidden behind walls. And he noticed much more, like artistic fire plates and fire irons, which were made in the times of the French kings, as far back as Louis XIV. It was love at first sight. And Roy Jacobs discovered more in the ancient buildings. Complete floors of the typical Belgium bluestone and terracotta. He felt the need to save and restore the ancient floors. So Roy Jacobs did not hesitate and turned his passion into his profession.

The beginning of Hestia-Maastricht Home Andera Maastricht specializes in the restoration of the antique design radiators.