Antique motif floor tiles

Before there were the antique motif floor tiles people used local products such as wood, terracotta (baked clay), and limestone. Around 1840 were the first ceramic floor tiles manufactured. This was at the time an entire revolution certainly the mosaic style tiles. Because the people were given a Roman mosaic pattern. Only then baked in a tile. So to lay faster and of course a lot nicer and cheaper. Antique ceramic floor tiles had also a big advantage, they are easy to clean. As a result, they had a much greater applicability.

Because these antique ceramic floor tiles were once so popular because of their colors and patterns. Were these ceramic motif Floor Tiles often used as status symbol. The ceramic motif floor tiles were usually placed in the living room and upstairs room, kitchens and halls. Later on in public spaces such as: shops, cafes and stations this because they were very easy to clean.

They were also applied as wall decoration at the front of the house. This way people could see as the owner of the house was rich or poor. The antique ceramic motif floors were often laid in the house were people had money. While the cement pattern Tiles were used in houses of people who have less to spend.

Because there were so many different patterns previously made you have by Hestia Maastricht a wide range of ± 2000 sqm antique motif tiles. And you are not required to take the whole lot (well, the rest of the party to remain marketable Hestia-Maastricht).

Also can Hestia-Maastricht transporting the antique motif floor tiles for you.

Antique Terracotta tiles have been used for centuries by people for Floor Tiles. There exists a large variety of colors in the antique terracotta tiles. So the antique terra-cotta tiles can vary from yellow, black, red & red brown. Due to the combination of these colors seem more vivid and they have a unique but timeless look.

The antique terracotta tiles with different colors are mixed and the black antique terracotta floor tiles, are rarer and therefore more expensive than antique terracotta tiles with a monotonous color.

- Under the heading "antique Jugendstil Floor Tiles, antique Art-deco Floor Tiles & antique mosaic Floor Tiles" here are the ceramic motif floors, from 5 sqm to 120 sqm

- Under the heading "small antique ceramic floors", the ceramic motif floors to 5 sqm

- Under the heading "unique antique Floor Tiles" that are the Floor Tiles wich we don't see often.

- Hestia-Maastricht only clean the antique Floor Tiles at the bottom.

Something about the size of the antique Art-deco, Jugendstil, mosaic and unique Floor Tiles.
Beats: 14 * 14 to 14.5 * 14.5 - 15 * 15 to 15.5 * 15.5 - 16 * 16 to 16.5 * 16.5 cm in all sizes.

Something about the size of the antique cement motif Floor Tiles.
Beats: 17 * 17 - 20 * 20 - 25 * 25 cm in all sizes.


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