About antique curiosa

Outside the antique marble fireplaces, antique motif Floor Tiles and antique fire backs. Hestia-Maastricht comes towards other amazing antique object. These date back to ancient and gone times. Back in the time they were used it daily but now only be used as ornament in the living room.

In the assortment of Hestia Maastricht you will find antique chandeliers, antique fireplace accessoires, antique stained glass (both from the Art Nouveau and the Ard-Deco period) and small silverware.

Hestia Maastricht has also a small selection of antique building materials. You must think of marble and sandstone consoles, small ironwork (cast iron pots & baskets) and natural antique iron stove. All of these antiques are very suitable as decoration of a modern garden as a classical garden.

About antique curiosa Home Andera Maastricht specializes in the restoration of the antique design radiators.