Antique floor tiles modell :Jugendstil ceramic motif tiles

This antique Jugendstil ceramic tiles come from Brussel

The floor is ± 9 sqm

At this Floor are:
-  pattern Tiles
-  Large Border Tiles & 5 Corners
-  Small Border Tiles & 5 Corners

These antique ceramic floor tiles are hard baked and very good to use at: Kitchens, halls, toilet, bathrooms and even outside in the garden.

At Hestia Maastricht you can also buy a small part of the motive floor.

These motive tiles are not cleaned at the bottom. But Hestia Maastricht can clean the motive tiles against more price at the bottom.

We also can provide the transport throughout Europe.

Floor number: 803

Click here to get a brochure or request information about the motive floor tiles.

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